Searching for partners to share the 18/19 season and beyond

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Listing Name:
Searching for partners to share the 18/19 season and beyond
Season Plan:
Full Season (2018-19)
(43 total games)
Seats Per Game:
2 - 6
Ticket Category:
200 Club
Section / Row / Seat:
204 / 1 / 5
204 / 1 / 6
204 / 1 / 7
204 / 1 / 8
204 / 1 / 9
204 / 1 / 10
Games Available:
Price Per Ticket:
Payment Method:
Delivery Method:
Ticket Forwarding
Offer Minimum:
5 games
Aisle Seating:
I have 6 seats in Section 204. The seats are in row 1 of the section. I currently have a group that has been together for many years who split the tickets. This year I find myself with an excess number of tickets that I am looking for a partner(s) to join our group.

I have 60 tickets that I am looking to find a home for the upcoming season. The partner(s) can chose between 2, 4 or 6 seats per game.

I have found that our system of determining which games a partner(s) receive is quite equitable though time consuming. I will ask each partner(s) to submit a listing of games (with number of seats per game selected). I ask that for each game listed the partner(s) assign a priority for each game. for example if a partner wants 10 games of 2 seats I would ask that partner to select 20 games with a priority of 1,2,3... 20. I then try to make sure that each partner(s) receives their highest priority games as possible.

The price will be $130 per ticket you will also receive a ramp parking pass for each pair of tickets.

Please let me know if you would like to be apart of our season ticket family.
Games Available:
Price Per Ticket:

How will my games get determined?

For this listing, you would offer to purchase a certain number of games and tickets from the Season Ticket Holder. The actual games and tickets you would get would be determined at a later date using the the following method:

Sequence Draft
Games will be allotted to partners based on chronological order of the games in season. Each partner will be assigned a number in a sequence then each game in the season will be assigned based on the sequence. The partner first in the sequence will get game number 1, the partner second in the sequence gets game number 2, and so on. The sequence repeats until all games have been selected.
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    Are you still looking for a partner to share season tickets this year and for future years. I am thinking about getting 2 or 4 tickets. If you are still looking for a partner, I would like to know what options do I have available. Thanks.
  • I have no seats available for this year.
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    I am trying to contact outside of this application to work on splitting seats with you. Bpearce. At. Com
  • Benjamin would like the chance to see if we could make it work
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    Hello, I am curious to see what type of responses, if any you are getting on splitting your seats up. I am also looking to do the same thing but don't want to waste my time if others are not being successful. Would love to hear your feedback. Thanks! Ben
  • Yours is the first query I have received thus this site has not been beneficial at all. I am not surprised though.... so it was a waste of my time and effort.
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